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Cobb County Police Looking for Motorcyclist in Fatal Car Accident

Police in Cobb County are on the lookout for the driver of a Porsche involved in afatal motorcycle accident fatal motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist was riding a Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle when he was struck by two vehicles on Interstate 75.According to police, a Porsche struck the motorcyclist, and then fled the scene of the auto accident.The motorcycle was then struck again by a Mazda that was following behind.

The victim, a thirty-one-year-old man from Norcross sustained serious injuries, and died. The driver of the Mazda has confirmed to police that the Porsche struck the motorcyclist before her car did.Police are now looking for a silver Porsche that is likely to have moderate damage. Unfortunately, as any personal injury attorney will tell you, some of the most devastating accidents occur with hit and run drivers. These drivers are often uninsured, drinking or on drugs.

A motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience.These are some of the most serious accidents, and can end in fatalities, or serious injuries to motorcycle riders and passengers.Apart from a helmet, a motorcyclist has little protection against injuries.

The trauma after a motorcycle accident can be compounded by the attitude of insurance companies.If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, your primary source of compensation is the insurance company of the automobile or truck that was involved in the accident.You can expect the insurance company to begin an investigation of the motorcycle accident immediately.This investigation will be conducted with a view to limiting the damages that you are eligible to recover from the insurance company.

Soon, after a motorcycle accident, an insurance company representative will visit you to take a recorded statement. It is best not to provide a recorded statement to an insurance company representing the other driver, but it is especially best not to do so without a qualified personal injury lawyer representing you. The company will also conduct a complete investigation of both the motorcyclist and the automobile involved in the accident.Insurers will also look at the police statement and try to determine the extent of your injuries in the accident.

You can expect the insurance company to complete all of these formalities within one week after the accident.That’s how fast a company can work to begin protecting its interests.You can also expect the insurance company to begin exerting pressure on you to accept a settlement as quickly as possible.Soon after an accident, a motorcycle accident victim will be in a fragile state, struggling to deal with his injuries, as well as the looming financial expenses ahead.In a vulnerable state like this, victims are much more likely to agree to a settlement that is not in their best interests at all.It’s the reason why you need to speak with an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer as soon after your accident as possible.

Remember, an insurance company will not be interested in offering you a settlement that covers the vast range of expenses that you can expect after your injuries.For instance, insurers prefer to ignore future medical expenses and lost wages in their payout.Accepting a settlement like this will mean additional financial difficulties in the future.Remember, once you accept a motorcycle accident settlement, you cannot recover any additional funds in the future. Rather, you claim is permanently ended once you accept a settlement.

An issue that persons often do not understand is that their own insurance policy may be available to pay them additional funds if the responsible driver is uninsured or underinsured. If your auto or motorcycle insurance policy has uninsured motorist coverage, you have paid a premium for this additional protection under your policy. However, if you fail to properly structure the settlement with the other driver’s insurance carrier properly, then your claim under your own policy can forever be lost.

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