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Binge Drinking Increases Spring Break Accident Risks

With students across Georgia gearing up to have fun over spring break, it’s important for parents and colleges to understand the very high incidence of binge drinking during this season, and the resultant elevated risks of being involved in drunk driving accidents.

Binge drinking is a contributor to several drunk driving accidents every year.  Binge drinking is the consumption of too many alcoholic beverages in too short a period of time. This is quick and excessive drinking, and the number of drinks consumed can range from 4 drinks during a 2-hour span in the case of a woman, to 5 drinks or more in the same period of time in the case of a man. High intensity drinking, the incidence of which is also very high among college students during spring break, is the consumption of double this amount or more. The chances of blood alcohol levels rising very quickly with such speedy drinking are extremely high.

During a typical drinking session, a person might eat or pace his drinking, slowing down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. However, when young adults binge drink, that same kind of pacing does not happen. The result is a quicker absorption of alcohol into the blood stream and faster intoxication.  Couple this excessive drinking with the kind of reckless and uninhibited behaviour that typically occurs when young adults are with friends of the same age, and you have a potent situation with a high risk of a drunk driving accident. Several studies show that teenagers and young adults are at a much higher risk for binge drinking, compared to older, mature adults.

The maximum legal blood alcohol concentration level allowed while driving in the state of Georgia is 0.08. However, even smaller increases in blood alcohol concentration levels can increase a motorist’s risk of being involved in an accident. Buzzed drinking, for instance, can impair a person’s judgment and slow down his reflexes. It can impact motor coordination, and increase the person’s risk of being involved in an accident because alcohol dulls the responses that are required to prevent an accident. When the blood is saturated with alcohol, as in the case of binge drinking, however, the risks are even higher.

This spring break, don’t allow your friends to drive while intoxicated. It’s hard to make sure that everyone is drinking responsibly, especially over spring break when all inhibitions are down, but ensure that no intoxicated person is behind the wheel. Make arrangements for transportation, if no sober person in your group is in a position to drive. Book an Uber or call a taxi service, instead.

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