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18 wheeler-Ice Cream Truck Accident in Atlanta Leaves Driver Injured

An accident involving an 18 wheeler and an ice-cream truck has left the driver of the truck seriously injured. Police have now arrested the 18 wheeler driver.

According to police, the 18 wheeler driver was traveling east on Camp Creek Parkway. He seems to have made a left turn at a green light that didn’t have a left turn arrow. The 18 wheeler was struck by an ice-cream truck, and also collided with another vehicle carrying four occupants. The driver of the ice-cream truck suffered serious injuries, and was airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center. He is reportedly in serious condition. No other people were injured in this truck accident.

Drivers of commercial trucks must pay attention to traffic rules at all times. As the driver of a massive vehicle that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, a tractor trailer driver simply does not have the luxury of making errors in judgment or other mistakes while driving. Any errors made by a tractor trailer driver can prove deadly.

There are several other ways in which an 18 wheeler driver’s negligence can cause a serious accident, like:

· Tailgating

· Driving above the posted speed limits

· Driving at excessive speeds for road and weather conditions

· Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs

Any of these can cause a serious accident that leaves motorists with catastrophic injuries. Besides these, tractor trailer accidents can often be traced to a driver who has been driving long hours, and is tired and fatigued at the wheel. Truckers who suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea may be more at risk for fatigue-related crashes.

We always tend to take a stronger view of truckers breaking traffic rules because of the potentially deadly consequences that result from these actions. Traffic offenses like failure to yield or running a red light become magnified in severity when it’s an 80,000 pound vehicle you are talking about.

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